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Post by Moon on Thu Nov 12, 2015 11:05 pm

With every race comes their own personal strengths that will help them along the way. Here is a list that you can use to copy into your app.

Argonian (Black Marsh)
- Argonian blood gives you half of resistance to disease.
-Argonian Lungs can breath underwater.

Breton (High Rock)
-Breton blood grants them a half of a resistance to magic.

Dunmer (Morrowind)
-Dunmer blood gives you half of the resistance to fire.

Altmer (Summerset Isle)
Also known as High Eleves
-Is able to produce twice the amount of spells without getting as tired as others.

Imperial (Cyrodiil)
-Calming Voice that can calm people around them for around an hour.
-Imperials are naturally lucky and seem to always have things slightly turn better for them, or they find a small bag of gold on the side of the road.

Khajiit (Elsweyr)
-Heightened vision, even at night.
-Claws are weapons alone.

Nord (Skyrim)
-Nord blood gives you half as much resistance to frost.
-Natural intimidation to enemies, especially animals.

Orsimer (Orsinium)
Also known as Orc
-Beserking Rage, You take half damage and do double damage for an hour but then burn out completely afterwards..

Redguard (Hammerfell)
-Can run twice as fast and twice as long than normal.
-Redguard blood gives you half of the resistance to poison.

Bosmer (Valenwood)
Also known as Wood Elves.
-Is able to easily make animal allies.
- Bosmer blood gives you half of the resistance to poison and disease.

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