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How To Work Stat And Skill Points

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How To Work Stat And Skill Points Empty How To Work Stat And Skill Points

Post by Melony on Fri Nov 13, 2015 11:28 pm

Core Stats, What They Are, And What Their Points Mean.

The core stats are Health, Stamina, Manna, Speed, Strength, Unarmed, and Travel.

Health: This is generally to say how "durable" you are in rp. The higher the number you are the more/stronger damage/hits/poisons/etc. you can take without dying or being knocked out or being able to live to say "Huh it must have been my imagination." Basically it is to say how well you can take a hit persay and be okay and not cry and complain like a baby.

Though the down side to having a higher Health point count (note this goes for stamina and manna too.) is the more health you have the longer it takes to fully heal and the more it takes to heal yourself. Basically you regenerate slower the more it takes to take you down so its a fair trade, faster regeneration means less health and the easier it is to take you down and the slower the regeneration means the more health you have and the harder it is to take you down.

When it comes to their level and what they mean 0 points would mean that any small hit could easily take you down in one swing and is truly the bare minimum before you can't even be considered alive anymore. 5 points is considered very low in terms to how much you can take, 10 points means you have a low amount that you can take, 15 is about average, 20 is a high amount and anything above that is considered extremely high and is very hard to take down, and you will be capped if you hit 40 points. (This also can translate to stamina.)

Stamina: Stamina says how much you can swing, hit, run, hold your breath, block, and swim before you're too exhausted to keep doing what you are doing. Like health the equal trade here is the higher the stamina the longer you can do something but the longer it takes to catch your breath and vice versa.

Manna: This is just like stamina but instead of physical things it is magic spells and such. The more you have the more you can do but longer it takes to regenerate but the more you have the better the spells and the more you can cast them.

If you have 0 points you can not preform any spells, as for how much manna it takes to cats spells, for Novice spells it takes 10 points (Note it doesn't take away from your points in your stat section for anyone who is confused it just basically says that if you have 10 points in this stat you can only cat one novice spell before you cant cast anymore and so one and so forth.). Apprentice spells take 20 points, Adept spells take 30 points, Expert spells take 40 points, and Mater spells take 50.

Speed: Speed is there to say how fast you run, swim, swing/hit, dodge, react, and how well you can see fast things move. (The points in here can translate to strength in what they mean.) 0 Means you can run at all and again is the bare minimum cause any lower says you basically can't move. (For strength its the same thing but you can do anything dealing with strength.) 5 points means you are very low in speed, 10 is low, 15 is average, 20 is high, and anything higher is super high and you are capped at 80. To determinant how fast you run mph wise to put things into perspective just add mph at your point count. (For strength you do the same thing but add a 0 to the end of your point count and add lbs (pounds) to the end of it to see how much you relatively can push, pull, lift, carry, but not hit. with hitting you basically just use it to a reference that you can hit super hard and such but if you want to say hey i can carry 800 pounds on me so clearly i hit hard as a reference to how hard you hit go right ahead but don't say you straight up punch 800 pounds each swing cause punching doesn't work like that.)

Strength: Strength is there to say how much you can carry, push, pull, lift, and hit with.

Unarmed: This is to generally say how well you can fight without weapons. With this the same as everything else applies for 0, 5, 10 etc. in levels of how well you know how to fight unarmed. The bigger the number the more fighting styles you can say you perfected and or know how to do. I wont set a direct limit here but if it becomes an issue I will, aka be responsible little adventurers.

Travel: This is to say how well you can climb without falling, ride on animals, swim and run in harsh environments and circumstances and if you are low enough, how badly you puke when traveling in carriages. 0 points here means you have major motion sickness and for those who don't know what that means, it means that you basically cant travel on things like carriages (cars and such) without wanting to puke. 5 means you only have a mild version where you just feel sick and it also means (This goes for 0 points too) how to do what is listed above. from 10, 15, etc. on on high low etc. is the same as others and it is your skill level on how to do what is listed above. You are capped at 40 points.

How Core Stats Work In Points

When you start off in the beginning all stats with a base of 5 points on each. You then (Note this is similar to the skills but with different numbers.) can remove 5 from any and move it to any other stat aka you can go down to the bare minimum of 0 on any stat to move those points to another stat but all stats must not go below 0.

You then, when you start, can pick one stat that is your favorite (aka one yu want to say that you like the most.) and add 5 points. After this you then have another 10 points to distribute to other stats. When you are done all stats should add up to 50 if you are under that means you messed up somewhere and if you are over that means you added too many.

Leveling Stat and Skill Points

To level your stat points you must train the one you wish to work on, (Examples: Health you can call getting hurt a lot and surviving bad injuries on your own without potions or spells as training since you are training your body to not need to depend on potions not spells, for Manna you can say using your spells more often is training and basically do this for other stats.

Be creative with training, if it makes sense for training it counts.) In addition to your app you will need to make a thread called  Stat Training but you don't necessarily need to make this until you have trained for the first time and are requesting points to spend. When you make this thread you will link the threads you are using and counting where the training is and please state where the training is and or if the whole thread is dedicated to it. (yes solo threads can be used for this.)

When this is sent a staff member will check the threads and inform you if you are approved and how many points you will be allowed to get on your chosen stats. They then will unlock your app so you may add on your points. Note if you are caught using this to add unapproved points to your app you will no longer be allowed to edit your app to add points and the said mod will do it for you.

As for how many points you get and how it is determined it is all based on how many lines of text you write. Stat points are much harder to level than Skills and require twice as many lines. For Stats you need 6 lines dedicated to training to get 1 point, and for skills you just need 3 for one point. Skills are easier to level due to their caps being in the 100s as to where stats caps are no more than 60 points. (Excluding manna which has no cap.)

The Quick Run Down For Skills

Each skill like in the game is in one of 3 general categories, Mage, Warrior, and Thief. Each member can pick one category like they due in the game to be their favorite like they do in the beginning of the game. They then recive 15 points that they can spend in the given category which can be found in the following thread.Link to thread/Click Me

Like the stat points you can movepoints from any skill and move them to another but can never go below 0 points. All Skills will have a base of 15 points which is the minimal number you must have to normally use the skill, look to the link above to see the penalties to the skills if you have under 15 points. After this point you have 30 points that you can spend on any skills you want that do not have to be in your favorite category when you are done you know you did it right if your total points add up to 315 points.

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