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Post by Melony on Sat Nov 14, 2015 12:04 am

Here in Skyrim RPG we have a thing called Dice Game activated where you can type in a code to allow members to roll a randomized custom dice to play games. As of right now we only have one, Dragon Dice. This like many others will be explained below and the code to roll the die will also be provided, it also is just a fun game that you can play gamble on and such in character though note when ever you edit your post with the dice roll on it it will re roll and give you different rolls so please no cheating and have caution when editing those posts. You note can do these games anywhere but they are most popular in taverns so have fun ^^. Also Feel free to pm any of the staff with your own ideas of dice games.

Dragon Dice:

This is a simple game of rolling dice to see if you add money to a pot or take the money for yourself. The there are 8 sides to the dice which are. Add 10 gold to the pot, add 25 gold to the pot, add 50 gold to the pot, add 100 gold to the pot, add all your gold to the pot, take half the gold in the pot, and take all the gold in the pot. One a player is unable to put money in the pot due to lack of funds they lose the game. When there is only one player left they get all the money in the pot. Players may quit at any time but they only keep the moment they have not the money they put into the pot. Players can roll as many dice as they want but must note that if they roll a put all your money in the pot then another put money in the pot they loose, also if you roll put all your money in the pot you don't immediately lose but if you roll another put money in the pot and have no money still you lose.

[roll="Dragon Dice"==3]1[/roll]

What should show up if you roll it correct.

Melony carried out 1 launched of one Dragon Dice (Image not informed.) :
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