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Post by Melony on Sat Nov 14, 2015 4:25 am

Fredric Lickonricno Feedecondro

Fredric Feedecondro 15111412


Full Name: Fredric Lickonricno Feedecondro
Nickname(s): Fred
Alias(s): N/A
Age: 22
Race(s): Nord
Affiliation: Neutral
Faction: The Dark Brotherhood, and a part time student at College of Winterhold


Hair Color (If any): Bright Red
Eye Color: Black
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 150 lbs
Battle Scars (If any): N/A
War Paint (If any): N/A
Other Traits: N/A


Health: 5
Stamina: 5
Manna: 10

Speed: 5
Strength: 5
Unarmed: 10
Travel: 10


The Mage Skills

Illusion: 15
Conjuration: 30
Destruction: 90
Resurrection: 15
Alteration: 30
Enchanting: 15

The Warrior Skills

Smithing: 0
Heavy Armor: 0
Blocking: 15
Two Handed: 0
One Handed: 15
Archery: 0

The Thief Skills

Light Armor: 15
Sneaking: 15
Lockpicking: 15
Pickpocketing: 15
Speech: 15
Alchemy: 15

Talents: Cooking, He knows how to run on all fours like an animal and not fo slower by doing this.

Blood Line Skills: Fredric is a Nord which gives him half as much resistance to frost and natural intimidation to enemies, especially animals.

Spells Known:
Candlelight - Create a hovering candlelight that causes lasts for 15 minutes.
Equilibrium - Convert Health into Manna, Caster can die doing this.
Oakflesh - Improve armor for 15 minutes.
Flames - A basic gout of fire around
Arniel's Convection - Set fire to something for 5 minutes.
Firebolt - A bolt of fire that's hotter than plain fire.
Ignite - A blast that will set the target on fire.
Fire Rune - Cast on nearby surface, it explodes when something heavy enough lands on it.
Summon Unbound Dremora - Summons an unbound Dremora for 20 minutes.


Personality: Fredric is kind but he doesn't really talk much to anyone but Melony. If he does talks to others he usually doesn't say much but if he is angered, which only happens if someone hurts Melony. He shouts a lot and well he basically has a very short circuit when it comes to losing his cool if someone hurts Melony. Though over all hes sorta big brother and very caring and sentimental.

Mental Weaknesses He can instantly become super angry to the point of not thinking straight if someone hurt Melony. If he gets too freezing cold he can't think properly let alone straight or complete a thought but its only if it's drastically cold for him and hes exposed to it for a long period of time.

Interests: Fire, learning more about magics, making and seeing Melony smile and being around her, keeping keep sakes from loved ones, hunting things, Cooking.

Habits/Quirks: He doesn't talk much and usually lets Melony do the talking for him. He tends to shout and run on all fours if superly angry and even has been caught growling.

Strengths: Cooking, using magic and unarmed combat.


Equipment: A few blank books, a few pieces of charcoal, and a coin purse

Armor: He wears armor that is altered in looks from a normal collage of winterhold students robes and still works like them but looks different.

Special Items: A Dark Brotherhood "We Know" letter with the words "You like dat ass." added onto it. - Altered By Melony Tone


Place of Origin: A Small Settlement near Falkreath
Current City/Village: Winterhold
Family Members: A brother and a mother along with Melony his wife.
History: Fred was born into a small settlement that his father was the leader of that was near Falkreath. This Settlement was the home to many supernatural beings that they housed as long as they promised not to hurt one and other. Fred spent most his childhood dreaming about becoming an Archmage of the collage of Winterhold while helping his mother cook while his brother dreamed of leading the fine town like his father but they both wanted to become stronger so they both always looked out for and hunted for books to teach hem magic and learned with each other how to fight bare handed and how to cast magic.

One day in his childhood years Fred traveled with his family to a vacation spot near Riften where that night Fred had caught a little girl stealing from them. After a brief fight, that would later on show a very bad burn scare on their girls right ear, the two became friends after the girl returned what she stole. The two stayed in contact through out the years Fred visiting Riften oftenly to see her.

In his teenage years he and the girl found each other becoming closer than best friends and the two started to date. Around this time his father was killed by a random bandit on his way home from a trip out of town and his brother knowing that Fred's dreams laid outside of the town and his were to become leader of the town he picked up the reins and became the new leader.

When Fred hit the age of 20 he married the girl and then the two decided to move to Winterhold to live there and so he could become a student at the collage there. Along the way the leader of the Dark Brother hood managed to recruit them and the two became members of the group and Fred became a part time student and now currently lives in his house at Winterhold with his wife.

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Post by Moon on Sat Nov 14, 2015 2:30 pm

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