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Titus Delmorea.

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Titus Delmorea.

Post by Hellbreaker3 on Sun Nov 15, 2015 12:45 am

Titus Delmorea

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Full Name: 
Titus Delmorea
(Future) College of Winterhold,


Hair Color (If any): 
Light brown.
Eye Color:
 Bright Green
76 pounds
Battle Scars (If any):
War Paint (If any):
Other Traits: 
Small and slender, obviously not a good deal of strength to him.

(To start out, all stats should add up to 50)

Health: 5
Stamina: 5
Manna: 25

Speed: 5
Strength: 5
Unarmed: 0
Travel: 5

(To start out, All combined, skills should add up to 315)

The Mage Skills

Illusion: 0
Conjuration: 0
Destruction: 0
Restoration: 120
Alteration: 15
Enchanting: 15

The Warrior Skills

Smithing: 0
Heavy Armor: 0
Blocking: 30
Two Handed: 15
One Handed: 0
Archery: 0

The Thief Skills

Light Armor: 15
Sneaking: 45
Pickpocketing: 0
Alchemy: 30

Young genius of recovery magic, OK cook, some skill in making health potions and cooking.

Blood Line Skills: 
-Breton blood grants them a half of a resistance to magic.

Spells Known:


Candlelight- Create a hovering candlelight that causes lasts for 15 minutes. 

Equilibrium- Convert Health into Manna, Caster can die doing this. 

Oakflesh- Improve armor for 15 minutes.


Healing- Heals caster for 10 health per 5 minutes. 

Lesser Ward- Creates a mini shield to take up to 50 pounds of damage. 

Fast Healing- Heals the Caster for 20 health per 10 minutes. 

Healing Hands- Heals the target for 20 health per 10 minutes. No machines, undead, or atronachs

Steadfast Ward- Creates a medium shield that takes up to 100 pounds of damage.


He's shy, gentle, and goodhearted. His intentions match his talents, and his goal is to be able to help others by healing them.Normally, he's a sweet kid, but he can show steel when dealing with stubborn patients, and can be quite stern to them.Once he gets used to you, he can also be a little playful.And despite his apparent personality, he's somewhat adventurous, and enjoys exploring.

Mental Weaknesses
-He's too nice. His willingness to help makes him easy to be taken advantage of.

-Despite his young age, he feels a great deal of responsibility. Feeling that he's failed in his 'duty' can really hurt him for a while.

Reading, studying, listening to music, playing, dancing.

He always keeps hi staff close, and often sleeps with if as if its a teddy bear.

If he gets really shy, or you embarrass him, he'll pull his hood over his face and hide in it.

-He can inspire loyalty and protectiveness in others. Mess with him, and you've got to be careful his protectors don't hear of it.

-He himself can be protective of his patients, which gives him the courage to face off against things.



Staff of magelight:Shoots a light ball, also used to bonk baddies.

10 Mana potions

Hooded Green Robes, ATm. Will upgrade to Novice Robes of restoration when he reaches the College.

Special Items: 


Place of Origin: 
Current City/Village:
Rorikstead(soon to be Winter hold)
Family Members:
Tyndrum Delmorea-Father

Lucisia Delmorea-Mother

Originally born in Breton, Titus moved with his family to Skyrim, to get away from family that was less then...familial. His father opened a farm, and they lived a standard life. However, it was discovered a year ago Titus had a inborn, genius level talent for Restoration. His father and mother were overjoyed.They,with the help of neighbors, got him books that taught him some spells, and bout a month ago sent him off with a guardian to The College.Titus is now wandering with his guardian, trying to get to the College.

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Re: Titus Delmorea.

Post by Moon on Sun Nov 15, 2015 11:08 pm


Stat Sheet

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Re: Titus Delmorea.

Post by Moon on Sun Nov 15, 2015 11:59 pm

Stat Sheet

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Re: Titus Delmorea.

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