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Markin, the Hand of the Thalmor

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Markin, the Hand of the Thalmor Empty Markin, the Hand of the Thalmor

Post by Thr33 on Sun Nov 15, 2015 2:44 am


Markin, the Hand of the Thalmor Tes_v__altmer_by_sardag-d6hd4iz


Full Name: Markin
Nickname(s): n/a
Alias(s): The Hand of the Thalmor
Age: 264
Race(s): Altmer
Affiliation: Lawful Evil
Faction: Thalmor


Hair Color (If any): White
Eye Color: Yellow
Gender: Male
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 220 lbs
Battle Scars (If any): Various scars throughout his body, a few notable ones across his face, although they have faded
War Paint (If any): None
Other Traits: n/a


Health: 10
Stamina: 5
Manna: 10

Speed: 5
Strength: 10
Unarmed: 5
Travel: 5


The Mage Skills

Illusion: 15
Conjuration: 15
Destruction: 60
Restoration: 15
Alteration: 15
Enchanting: 0

The Warrior Skills

Smithing: 15
Heavy Armor: 30
Blocking: 15
Two Handed: 45
One Handed: 15
Archery: 15

The Thief Skills

Light Armor: 15
Sneaking: 15
Lockpicking: 0
Pickpocketing: 0
Speech: 30
Alchemy: 0


-Knowledge of the world at large and historical events of the past few hundred years
-High Society behavior
-Horseback Riding

Blood Line Skills:

-Is able to produce twice the amount of spells without getting as tired as others.

Spells Known:

Courage- Targets will not flee for 10 minutes.
Fury- Lowest level creatures will attack anything nearby for 10 minutes.
Clairvoyance- Shows a lighted path to a set goal for 10 minutes.

Conjure Familiar- Summon a familiar for 30 minutes or until destroyed.
Bound Sword- Creates a magic sword for 30 minutes or until broken or sheathed.

Chain Lightning- You can shoot a lightning bolt that will hit two people at once.
Whirlwind Cloak- You can fling things up to 200 pounds away with the power of wind.

Lightning Rune- Cast on nearby surface, it explodes when something heavy enough lands on it.
Ice Spike- A spike of ice that can impale your enemies.
Ignite- A blast that will set the target on fire.

Frostbite- a basic blast of cold.

Healing- Heals caster for 10 health per 5 minutes.
Lesser Ward- Creates a mini shield to take up to 50 pounds of damage.

Candlelight- Create a hovering candlelight that causes lasts for 15 minutes.
Oakflesh- Improve armor for 15 minutes.
Equilibrium- Convert Health into Manna, Caster can die doing this.



Markin is a very privileged Altmer that hasn't had to work for much in his life. However, he has experienced a lot in his life. Realizing how fragile the world is throughout the various calamities that he's experienced has given him a solid perspective on mortality but also it has given him a xenophobic complex.

Markin is fairly arrogant and believes that, thanks to the Altmer people's extra time on Nirn, they are the best race, basically. They have the most potential and should be in charge of Tamriel. With the Altmer, through the Thalmor in rule, the different races on Tamriel can live their best possible lifestyles.

Mental Weaknesses

-Mild Germaphobe


-Mysteries of Aetherius
-Different Races' Cultures
-Powerful Artifacts/Weapons
-Cataloging New Things


-Deep throaty cocky laugh
-He'll sketch and record anything he finds interesting in his journal


-An Inspiring Figure to the High Elves
-Major pull through the Thalmor
-Proper analysis of the origins and usefulness of things and people


Horse (Baga)
Markin, the Hand of the Thalmor MIDNIGHT-RIDE-Indian-War-Horse
Thalmor Robes
Thalmor Jewelry


Ornate Heavy Elven Armor, specially made

Special Items:



Place of Origin: Cloudrest, Alinor
Current City/Village: Solitude, Skyrim
Family Members:
Marthyr, father
Arabyn, mother
Aberthor, brother
Trabelynrin, sister
Gellick, brother
Alericka, sister
Markin was born to a wealthy family in the Summerset Isles, back before it was Alinor. His uncles was a prominent member in the Thalmor, although, at the time, the group was perceived as a fanatical group with radical ideas that weren't really taken seriously. Markin had a normal childhood where most wealthy high elves were concerned, given whatever he wanted and receiving the highest of education.

In his first hundred years, Markin desired to travel the world and experience the unknown corners of Nirn. He spent decades in Pyandonea, developing positive relationships between the High Elves and the Sea Elves while discovering the various dangers of the sea and the monsters that lay beneath the waters.

After his time in Pyandonea, he returned home to see his uncle die. He contracted a rare disease and said that he believed that the only way for the Altmer to regain the glory they once had was through the Thalmor. Markin spent a few years back in the Altmer high society with his siblings, strengthening their family bonds and learning the lute and flute with great adeptness.

Eventually, though, his curiosity for the world pulled him away. In the next decades, he stayed in one place less and took in as much as he could. He traveled for the first time to Tamriel, experiencing a bit of all of the countries of the empire. From there he saw Stros M'kai, moved to Thras for about a day before becoming disgusted by its cuture and then went on a half decade voyage to search for the lost continent of Yokuda.

After losing hope, he turned to the east and spent time in Esroniet, Ynslea and Cathnoquey. Although he very much wished to push on toward Akavir, he could not find a crew willing to make the voyage, so he found himself turning back to Tamriel. Since he hadn't experienced Vvardenfell yet, that was his next stop. He was confined to the island, however, as he contracted the blight. Thinking he may die and living with the Dunmer people, he wrote a letter back home, making arrangements in case he passed.

He spent time befriending an individual who claimed to be the last Dwemer, speaking at length with him in his time at the Corprusarium, although he was never certain if he believed any of the stories the Dwemer spoke. As time passed and he grew weaker, he nearly gave up and turned before the Nerevarine defeated Dagoth Ur and the blight was lifted from Vvardenfell and he was freed again. Although he never met the Nerevarine, Markin heard of their departure to Akavir and was vocal of his envy and his desire to meet them.

From there, Markin returned home and became political during the Oblivion Crisis. He fought with the Thalmor and drove out the demons from the Isles. Markin gained an amount of fame and gained the Thalmor's trust as well as Alinor's in this time. It was because of this time he was entrusted a legion to command during the Great War.

Markin's regiment was instrumental in taking the western regions of Cyrodiil and when the White Gold Concordant was passed, Markin celebrated along with the Aldmeri Dominion. Now, Markin has been sanctioned to Skyrim, to help oversea the growing hostilities there and represent the Thalmor along with others at the Thalmor embassy. It would be up to him to report on the rising hostilities and enforce the White-Gold Concordant along with Elenwen and the other leaders of the Thalmor.

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Markin, the Hand of the Thalmor Empty Re: Markin, the Hand of the Thalmor

Post by Thr33 on Mon Nov 16, 2015 11:49 am

Ready for review

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Post by Melony on Mon Nov 16, 2015 3:30 pm

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