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Roleplaying Etiquette

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Roleplaying Etiquette  Empty Roleplaying Etiquette

Post by Moon on Fri Jul 03, 2015 9:54 pm

Basic Roleplaying Guide

Don't assume that you can control the other person's manner of appearance unless the two/three/four/etc of you have planned it out beforehand. If you are creating an open topic ( meaning anyone can join of their own free will) please put an indication in the topic description. If not, please tag the person in the description.
It's pretty simple: just write something like "All Is Well (Joe)" or "All Is Well (Open)" Or "All Is Well (Open to 3)"

I BEG OF YOU read the post you are replying to. Or else people will get confused. You'd be surprised at how many people don't pay attention to this... Don't join a topic that is closed, and don't reply to a thread that's tagged for someone else. Read and react accordingly and the other person will and should do the same. (:

In addition to reading a post you're responding to, please do not post a reply that isn't finished. It makes it difficult for a person you're threading with to know when you've actually replied, and in group threads, it's just inconvenient to other people to have to wait for you to finish writing your post. Please only post replies that you are done writing. If you have to go back and make a change for plotting reasons, feel free to, but we don't want to see unfinished posts in any roleplay thread.

Most people write in third person past tense. First person is pretty much discouraged, as is using the present tense. Other style and formatting tips:

"Spoken lines go in quotes."
Most thoughts are in italics.
Actions are normal. Please don't put them in *asterisks* or -dashes- ; those are for OOC talk only.
Please don't QUOTE the post above yours for length.
Don't powerplay or god-mod...
ABOVE ALL: treat your roleplaying partner with respect. Don't nag them all the time for replies. And don't let OOC drama get in the way of good writing. (:

quality vs. quantity.
You've all seen them: people who write 2398729348603496 words, paragraphs, novels per post. Be honest with yourself: are you impressed by them? Yes? You should be. It takes a lot to write a lot. But if you've ever read many longer posts carefully, you'll notice that MAYBE they're relying on quantity to scare you into thinking that they are good writers - not that people who write a lot are bad writers. But if your posts tend to be on the short side, don't fret. Say what you need to say, as well as you can, and move on. Just please, please, please, please, make sure every post is more then 5 sentences!

(I actually took this from this site! Check them out! WURR )

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