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Post by Hellbreaker3 on Sat Nov 14, 2015 1:02 am

[Einarr Snowmane

The Reaper Sega__s_viking___skarin_by_michaelkutsche
( How'd he look without the scar.)


Full Name: Einarr Snowmane
Nickname(s): Wandering Ax, Bad man's nightmare, bonehead
Alias(s): The Reaper
Age: 21
Race(s): Nord
Affiliation: N/A(For now)
Faction: N/A(For now)


Hair Color (If any): Pale, pale, nearly white blond hair.
Eye Color: Golden amber
Gender: Male
Height: 6"2
Weight: 220
Battle Scars (If any): A horrible, magefire burn on his left face side contorts it.( Think Jonah hex, but 3 times worst.) The burn covers his throat, reducing his voice into a rumbly, feral growl.
War Paint (If any):
Other Traits: Seemingly slender at first glance, this is only his gear. At second glance, he's extremely well muscled, his body built up from wielding the headsman's ax he's chosen as his weapon.


Health: 10
Stamina: 5
Manna: 5

Speed: 5
Strength: 20
Unarmed: 5
Travel: 0


The Mage Skills

Illusion: 0
Conjuration: 0
Destrution: 90
Resorection: 0
Alteration: 0
Enchanting: 0

The Warrior Skills

Smithing: 15
Heavy Armor: 15
Blocking: 15
Two Handed: 30
One Handed: 30
Archery: 0

The Thief Skills

Light Armor: 30
Sneaking: 15
Lockpicking: 15
Pickpocketing: 0
Speech: 15
Alchemy: 15

Talents:Skilled at using his unique armor and the natural ability of his race to frighten most folk, excellent at wildland style cooking, and not bad on a lute.

Blood Line Skills: Half resistance to cold.
Natural intidimation.

Spells Learned: Flames- A basic gout of fire around
Arniel's Convection- Set fire to something for 5 minutes.

Mental Weakness's: Though he's usually....efficient... In combat, the ever present rage simmers below the surface. Tap it, and his strikes, while more fierce, are less aimed, making them easier to dodge. He's also easy to manipulate if you put someone who's managed to gain his trust into danger. But, the instant he knows that persons safe, you better run.


Personality: At first,he's cold, distant, and ruthless to those who he deems evil. Once you manage to get part the first barriers he's put up, he reveals himself to have a wry, sarcastic and sharp sense of humor, and loyal to a fault, not to mention protective enough to make a daedra wet itself.And when you gain not just his trust, but love, he reverts back to how he was before the Incident, and is kind, gentle, and slightly mischievous.He also has a soft spot for young ones, and usually shows gentleness and protectiveness to them.

Interests: Hunting, reading legends and weapon manuals, listening to music,practicing his axework.

Habits/Quirks:Rarely, if ever, takes his mask off.
Before going to bed, stomps the floor three times.

Strengths: Constant pulsing of his scar has given him a mind capable of pushing past pain.
Years of handling axes have made him familiar with the brutal weapons.
Once he decides to do something, theres not much that can force him off said path.


Equipment: Judgement: His signature weapon, its a headsman's ax modified by a butt spike and iron rings reinforcing the shaft. Enchanted with Soul Trap.With it's haft stretching out a insane 6"7 feet, its a formidable weapon in wide spaces.

The twins:Twin iron battle axes. Nothing special,just things he uses if the environment is two cramped for Judgement.

Armor:  Deathbringer Armor:Custom bonemold suit. Instead of the full plate suit, he's applied plates to robes and a undershirt. Slightly less durable, but more flexible, allowing him to move easily.Specially designed to present a terrifying, Death like image in the heat of battle.The front and back of the shirt are covered with plates at vital location. As for the robes, the back is covered in plates and a spine like support running up the back, and the sides are protected by thick,riblike supports. The arms are reinforced by thorny plates, and the hood has a few small plates as well, though only enough to provide slight protection, since he needs it to fold down. He wears the standard greeves and gauntlets, though the glove portion has strips running down the fingers.

Special Items:  
The Reaper 56b5ef38819e3983f4597dfe47503e95
  Death mask:Bonemold mask, it serves as both facial armor and his everyday 'face.'
Four black soul gems, intended for four,very special people.
MMedical cream that keeps the scar flexible and lessens the pain.


Place of Origin: From one of the settlements/Raven Rock.
Current City/Village: Wanderer,ATM.
Family Members: his aunt Hilda, and stepuncle Torvos.
He was born in one of the settlements. His father was a farmer who was gradually gaining influence in the village.Over the years, as the boy grew, he eventually opened a shop and inn. As you can expect, this attracted attention of...unsavory...sorts. A man approached, asking him to pledge half his earnings, but Father was a proud man...He refused.A week later, this man came back, and he brought friends....The boy wound up in the orphanage, bringing with him a ax one of the killers left behind. His aunt eventually found him, and took him to her home, raising the boy up. Having Pledged to hunt down the men responsible, Einarr trained, getting stronger. 3 years ago, he started his quest...This is a warning to all evil doers. Run...Run.

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Post by Moon on Sat Nov 14, 2015 2:34 pm

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